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Terms & Conditions

Updated on 08/27/2022


If you have any questions about any of these terms DO NOT PROCEED.

Please contact our office so that we can answer any questions that you have. Our intent is to have a mutual understanding of the legal services that you are seeking.

Fees are earned when paid. Fees are typically refunded if the firm does not work on or rejects your case for any reason. Fees will not be refunded if any work has commenced on your behalf.

We charge a flat fee per minor traffic ticket case (not DUI, Reckless, or other serious 5+ point moving violation) that has not been adjudicated and is not in warrant that is filed in one the following courts in Clark County, Nevada:
  • Las Vegas Municipal Court
  • Las Vegas Justice Court
  • Henderson Municipal Court
  • Henderson Justice Court
  • North Las Vegas Municipal Court
  • North Las Vegas Justice Court
  • Boulder City Municipal Court
  • Boulder City Justice Court
  • Laughlin Justice Court
  • Goodsprings Justice Court
  • Searchlight Justice Court
  • Moapa Justice Court
  • Moapa Valley Justice Court
  • Bunkerville Justice Court
We cannot accept cases that are filed in Tribal courts or anywhere outside of Nevada. We charge a base fee to review case information for any case in any court not specifically named above whether we work on the case or not.

Fees for any other type of case or any case already adjudicated or in warrant will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Costs are defined by statute in NRS 18.005. We do not incur costs in most of the cases we work on. However, if costs are incurred with your consent, you will be responsible for those costs even if the costs are paid up front by our office.

By submitting a case through this website, you agree and understand that there is no guarantee of any particular outcome.

The Maridon Law Firm guarantees a full refund up to the base fee if we are unable to negotiate a deal in your moving violation traffic ticket case that results in the elimination or reduction of the points in your traffic ticket case if you fulfill all the requirements to complete your case as directed by our office. This is the only guarantee that we make.

There are no other guarantees. Even though you can find many testimonials and examples of other cases that are like yours, there is no guarantee that we can get you the same or even close to the same result in your case. We do not guarantee a reduced fine. We do not guarantee a better deal than you can get on your own or with any other law firm. Our obligation to you as a client is to work diligently and zealously on your behalf to get you the best deal possible.

All communication from our office regarding your case will be transmitted through this website on your case profile. We do not call or send letters in the mail. We may, as a courtesy, send you an email to let you know that there is a status update that you need to log in to see. It is your responsibility to log in to check the status of your case and to read the information we provide for you to complete your case.

It is your responsibility to provide all the information we need to resolve your case. It is your responsibility to give us any documentation we need for your case, for example, if your ticket includes an insurance violation we will need proof of insurance, if you were cited for a registration violation we will need a registration certificate, etc. If you do not provide the information or documentation, we will assume that you do not have it and we will not be able to get you the best possible deal.

We will work on your case as indicated by the retainer fee that you paid. None of the fees quoted on this website include a trial. We will not, under any circumstances, do any work on your case unless the appropriate retainer fee has been paid. Once work has been completed on your case the attorney-client relationship will end unless you and the law firm have expressly agreed to continue the attorney-client relationship on other matters. The representation is terminable at will by either party subject to ethical restraints.

The Maridon Law Firm has its principal office in Las Vegas, Nevada. We do not wish to represent anyone as a result of their viewing of this web site in any state or country in which this web site may not comply with all applicable laws and ethical rules, or to represent anyone with respect to legal matters related to the laws of any state or country in which our lawyers are not admitted to practice law.

This web site may contain links to web sites not maintained by The Maridon Law Firm. The Maridon Law Firm is not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site nor does inclusion of a link in our web site to another web site imply recommendation, approval or endorsement by The Maridon Law Firm of the site.

The State Bar of Nevada does not certify any lawyer as a specialist or expert.

By submitting a case through this website, you agree that you have read, understand and agree to the terms as stated on this page. You agree that once you pay the retainer fee, The Maridon Law Firm will negotiate a plea deal on your behalf, you are authorizing the attorney to enter a plea on your behalf and that you are responsible for completing your case after negotiation by completing any requirements like traffic school and paying any fees or fines as required by the Court. You understand that The Maridon Law Firm reserves the right to reject your case for any reason.
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