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What happens next?


We are often asked, what happens next. The ticket information has been submitted, the retainer is paid, all the requested paperwork has been submitted; now what?

What we do next will depend largely on two things... First, what is the court date on the ticket and second, which court is your case in. If the court date is not for another three months, we probably won't do anything for a while. In most cases it takes two to six weeks before the case information even reaches the court. If the court hasn't opened your case there is nothing we can do; we can't make an appearance in a case that doesn't exist.

On the other hand, if your court date is close at hand, we will begin the process. What that process is will depend on which court we are dealing with as each court is different. In most of the cases we handle we will be requesting what is called an attorney session. These are court dates that are reserved for cases that are being handled by an attorney. When an attorney session is assigned, the appearance date on the case is reset. In other words, the court date on the ticket, unless it happens to be the same date as our attorney session, is no longer the court date on the case. If we are handling your case, unless we tell you otherwise, there is no reason for you to appear in court.

Every time the court date changes, or there is other activity on your case, we will update the case status on our website. You can login any time to see what we have done and when you can expect the next update after the next court date.

When we have completed work on the case we will enter the final status update which will include detailed instructions that you will need to complete your case. We will also include the due date of any fines or other requirements, which will be the next court date on the case. As long as the fines are paid and any other requirements are completed, unless we or the court tells you otherwise, the court will close your case and you will not need to appear.

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