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In some cases we can get a lower fine if you agree to go to traffic school. Level 1 (the most common) traffic school takes five hours to complete. In most cases you can complete traffic school online at your convenience. You can even leave and come back, but it will take a total of five hours to complete. The cost of traffic school depends on the court where your ticket is located. The price of traffic schools range from $9.95 to more than $50.00. If you are ordered to attend traffic school in one of the Municipal Courts the cost of traffic school is fixed, usually at around $40.00.

The fine is not always reduced, even with traffic school. To give you a better idea of what to expect:

In the Las Vegas Justice Court the fines are not likely to be reduced with traffic school, but requesting a deal with no traffic school may ADD $100.00 or more to the fine amount. If required, you can attend one of the traffic schools we recommend below to avoid a higher fine.

In the Henderson Municipal Court the fines are not likely to be reduced, but requesting a deal with no traffic school may add as much as $50.00 to the fine amount. In this court, if you choose to attend traffic school, the cost of the school is $39.95, so you are only saving $10.05 by attending a five hour traffic school.

In the Las Vegas Municipal Court, the court may offer you a deal that includes traffic school, and which may save you money on the fine amount. However, those deals are generally not offered by the City Attorney when we are representing you in this court. Traffic school is generally not required or offered to our clients as a way to avoid points. There are some exceptions.

For the most part, the other courts we deal with do not require traffic school or if they do it would be required on a case by case basis.

In any case, we never ask for traffic school unless you tell us to. In some cases, however, the judge will make you go to traffic school if you want the charge(s) reduced to a non-moving violation. If you don't go to traffic school after the judge orders traffic school, the charge will not be amended and it will go on your record. Remember, we do not control the outcome of your case, and we certainly do not guarantee that you will not have to go to traffic school.

If you are required to attend traffic school, some courts will require you to attend a specific traffic school. If that is the case we will provide you with contact details for that specific traffic school. Most courts, however, will allow you to choose the traffic school you will attend. A complete, up-to-date list of traffic schools may be found here: dmvnv.com.

Below is a list of DMV-certified online traffic schools that we recommend.

100% Online

We are currently recommending Urban Traffic School

Other schools:

1. Safe2Drive (If you are taking traffic school for a traffic case, it is "court ordered")

2. An Online Comedy Traffic School by Improv

For more information about traffic school, please visit our FAQ page.

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